Financing, Banking, Collateral in Germany

We provide consulting services for all legal matters concerning finance, collateral and banking law in Germany. We can offer consulting services in German, French or English.

There are a number of practical differences, some of them significant, between French, Belgian and Swiss law on the one hand and German law on the other, which could be important in the context of cross-border activities. This is why it is essential to promptly seek legal advice in order to clarify all of the legal and practical issues in Germany.

In addition to consulting on German law, our team of attorneys with intercultural experience will also help you with practical support in the following areas.

German Legal Services Concerning Finance, Banking and Collateral:

  • Review of your credit agreements with German lenders/ borrowers
  • Loan collateralisation in Germany
  • Drafting and review of guarantees under German law
  • Registration and cancellation of collateral in the German land register
  • Initiation of foreclosure measures in Germany.
  • Consulting on issues concerning banking law in Germany
  • Consulting on factoring agreements under German law
  • Notary appointments in Germany

Our German-French Team for Finance, Banking and Collateral in Germany: