Corporate Succession and Inheritance Law in France

We provide consulting services on all issues relating to French law on corporate succession and related questions of French inheritance law. We can provide consulting services in French, German and English.

Many companies seeking a successor are not yet ready for takeover. In many cases, the company has not identified an appropriate successor.

This is why it is important to promptly seek expert advice in French law in order to clarify all of the important legal, tax and financial issues in advance.

In addition to legal advice, our interculturally experienced team also provides practical support in the preparation of the transfer or takeover of a company in the context of a corporate succession in France, whether within the family or by transferring the management of the company to a third party.

Services related to Corporate Succession and Estate Law in France

  • Tax-optimised structuring of corporate succession in France
  • Implementation of succession planning in accordance with the provisions of French law
  • Inheritance arrangements for corporate succession in France

Our German-French team of lawyers also provides consulting services in connection with corporate succession in the following areas of French corporate law:

  • M&A, corporate acquisitions and joint ventures in France
  • Restructuring in France
  • Regulation of employee profit‑sharing plans under French law
  • Financing and provision of securities in France

Gifts and successions in France

We provide comprehensive consulting services on French law concerning gifts or successions in France, both with regard to the applicable law in cross-border matters and possible tax optimisation. We can provide consulting services in German or French.

Gift and Inheritance Services in France

  • Taking full advantage of the inheritance and gift tax allowances in France and Germany
  • Tax optimisation through gifts inter vivos
  • Creation of family businesses in France
  • Consulting in international inheritance cases: Review of the application of German, Austrian, Swiss and French inheritance law and corresponding double taxation agreements (DTAs)
  • Drafting wills and testaments to take into consideration applicable law, relevant double taxation agreements (DTAs) and the location of the assets
  • Handling of inheritance cases in France or with a French connection; representation in inheritance disputes in France
  • Consulting and representation concerning estate properties in France
  • Submitting compulsory declarations to the French (tax) authorities in the event of a gift or inheritance

Did you know that in France…

  • the inheritance and gift tax in France can be very high (up to 60% of taxable assets)? In addition, gifts or inheritances in France must be declared in France whenever they involve property located on French territory, even if the individual concerned is not resident in France.
  • all gifts and inheritances in France must be declared to the French tax administration and as a rule generate tax liabilities towards the French state? The authorities in France may impose heavy fines for the delayed submission of declarations.
  • France has favourable tax arrangements for the free transfer of businesses (Pacte Dutreil)? The aim of the so-called Pacte Dutreil under French law is to reduce the tax burden on free transfers by French companies.

Our German-French Team for Gift and Inheritance Law in France