Debt Collection in France

We provide consulting services on all issues of debt recovery in France. We can provide consulting services in German, French or English.

Cross-border business transactions may give rise to open claims against one of your French customers. The customer may pay slowly, late or not at all.

Apart from the issue of whether your claim has arisen, is payable and can be substantiated at all, aspects such as the statute of limitations and the nature of the debtor (consumer, company) are also critical factors.

If an out-of-court claims management process proves unsuccessful, the legal prospects of success and the evidence available must be considered, as well as whether it is economically worthwhile to assert the claim in court, taking into account the associated costs.

In addition with legal consulting, our team with intercultural experience will also offer you practical support in the following areas in France.

Debt Recovery Services in France

  • Verification and validation of the identity and existence of your debtor in France
  • Out-of-court recovery of debts from French debtors (consumers, entrepreneurs), legal letters of formal notification in France
  • Negotiations with debtors in France
  • Arranging and monitoring instalment payment terms with your debtor in France
  • Judicial enforcement of claims in France (French payment order procedure, legal proceedings in French courts, EU payment orders, French summary procedures (référé))
  • Enforcement of French or foreign judgements vis-à-vis debtors in France
  • Liquidation of collateral in France
  • Engagement of French bailiffs, expert guidance on execution in France
  • Sworn translations of German and French documents

Did you know that in France…

  • a 2008 French law stipulates that a payment deadline may not be longer than 60 days from the invoice date?
  • the statutory French default interest on outstanding debts in France is considerably lower than the default interest under German law?
  • the costs of out-of-court legal proceedings in France cannot normally be recovered from the debtor?
  • unlike in Germany, the plaintiff does not have to pay an advance on legal costs based on the value of the dispute?
  • French litigation legislation does not normally provide for any (or only very limited) reimbursement of costs to the party that wins the case? ?
  • French bailiffs charge a contingency fee in addition to their fees if they are able to get the debtor to pay?

Our German-French Team for Debt Collection in France